BaltiLac…  to create…

  • we propose to convert MILK, the white nature elixir, into delicious cheeses, healthy cottage cheese, delicate yoghurt, tasteful kefir and creamy sour cream…. together with You – combining knowledge, experience and our products range;
  • we will share our and our collaboration partners experience, knowledge with Your specialists to produce existing dairy products and create together the new ones;
  • You will be pleased with the result, recognised, different and choosen;
  • Your dairy products will be the highest quality, natural and loved by Your customers.

Why exactly we?

  • we have the technological knowledgeexperience, the time to dedicate for you, and product’s range that allows to fulfill Your most challenging dreams!
  • we have the individual approach to every customer;
  • we highly respect confidentiality;
  • we closely cooperate with direct producers to provide flexibility, necessary changes according Your needs, prompt deliveries and the best prices;
  • we are at Your disposal together with professionals – Italian and Spanish specialists, technologists and cheese masters;
  • we growth dynamically thanks to Your dynamic growth and together we make Good Work!