Ode To Cheese.
Wich Makes Us Smile,
When Camera’s go Clack.
Ode To Cheese,
Wich make us taste,
The greatest to flavors,
The wackiest of whack.
Ode To Cheese.

Blue, Gorgonzola,
American and Cheddar.
Ode To Cheese,
Beja and Feta,
In all types of weather.
Ode to cheese,
For those on a diet,
Or trying to get fatter.

Ode to Cheese,
With crackers and wine,
With grapes can flatter.
Ode to cheese,
When you’re sad and happy,
Cheese just fits.
Ode To Cheese,
Mountains and Mountains,

Or bits and bits.

Ode to the Cheese,
To appreciate,
And take pictures.

Life Poem