The creation of cheese surrounded by many legends, and perhaps the large part of them are true. As different are cheeses and preparing methods, as different are legends about the cheese.

The first cheese fermented by enzyme from calf stomach occurred accidentally, as ancient sources say. Some shepherd leaving for his daily work took with him milk filled in dried calf stomach. During the day he forgot the milk sacket lying in the sun. In the evening, when he was hungry, he discovered instead of milk – the solid clot. The shepherd tasted it and discover as very delicious!

Another ancient legend tells, that some Arabian seller was crossing the desert by camel and took with him a bag made from the animal stomach and skin filled with cooled milk. Later in the evening the seller found that the milk in the bag changed consistency by heating, shaking and presence of enzymes from stomach bag. Milk converted into refreshing whey with sour taste and thick, white cottage cheese-like mass, which was very tasty and delicious. The first cheese was born!

The archaeological excavations in Egypt shows that already 5000 years BC cheese was used in the food. Also 4000 years old Sumerian Cuneiform records keep statistics about count of milk and cheese. The ancient Greek writer Homer in his book “Odyssey” described the giant Cyclops sheep flocks and cheese “business”. In the Bible also mentioned cheese story of courageous David, who has gone into battle with cheeses in the armpit.