Producer of lactic acid bacterias – starter cultures and probiotics in Italy since 2001. Freeze-dried starter cultures, probiotics, personal technological support for production of cheese and other dairy products, creating of new products together with experienced Italian technologists and cheese masters.

Producer of cheese moulds in Spain with experience more than 50 years. The latest generation plastic cheese moulds – micro-perforated, individual, specialized, tailor made, block-moulds, multi-moulds for production lines, manufactured under patented technology. The wide range of existing assortiment and possibilities to draw and produce complitely new models according to Your needs.

Producer of cheese coatings in Italy since 1964. The cheese coatings in wide colors range, possibility to vary the viscosity, anti-molds agents composition. Individual approach to every client and fast fulfill of orders. We offer also cheese marking ink.

Italian company offering range of products for dairy production – rennets: chymosin, microbial rennet, lactase, nisin; antimycotic product: natamycin.